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Upgrade now to future-proof your site, improve functionality and protect your data

Upgrading to the latest Identity Management solution future-proofs your site, and allows for the most comprehensive and scalable system on the market to be implemented within your organisation. Installing multiple applications including cashless catering, e-Registration, Print & Copy Management, Library Management as well as Locker and Visitor Management facilities, ensure a completely connected facility all managed by a single secure central user database.

To meet current legislation for the Protection of Freedoms Act, BioStore provides each installation with a Card Management Bureau service, providing an opt-out solution for students who do not opt-in to use biometrics, but still allowing them to utilise the identification facility. Being able to print cards on-site is a simple, cost-effective way to ensure there are no delays when assigning all students to the secure central database for use across all applications.

Key benefits to upgrading include:

  • Software Upgrade Guarantee – never be left behind on important upgrades
  • Ability to integrate with over 250 applications through our network of over 100 partners – meaning future requirements and integration will not be limited
  • Single centralised and secure user database to manage all identification requirements across all applications
  • Complies with the latest legislation for the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 for parental permission on using biometrics
  • 20% reduction in annually recurring maintenance costs – FasTrak installations only
  • Tried & tested product with over 10 years of development on the leading identification platform in the education industry

Avoid integration problems on future applications

Ageing systems are becoming increasingly more expensive to operate and maintain, and with security a rising concern among all businesses and individuals, ensuring your organisation’s systems meet legislation requirements and deliver a solution that is robust, quick and easy to use, is a must for all working within the education industry.

Working with BioStore opens up the possibility to integrate with over 250 applications from over 100 partners we work with – meaning future developments are not limited by legacy systems that cannot be upgraded or integrated.

BioStore’s FasTrak Cashless Catering system is one such solution that avoids these issues, was designed specifically for the education industry, and works seamlessly with the latest version of BioStore’s Identification Management system. As well as integrating with all major school Management Information Systems, FasTrak is able to manage online payments, extensive reporting and meal management to ensure catering staff are able to deliver a smooth and efficient dinner service.

Software Upgrade Guarantee

Upgrading your current Identity Management system ensures your organisation will always be at the forefront of technological, security and legislative requirements. With our Software Upgrade Guarantee, you will always be covered.

BioStore upgrades provide the very latest products and software, and with our flexible leasing contracts, we guarantee to reduce your annual recurring maintenance cost by at least 20%*.

Ensuring that software and hardware systems are maintained and updated can be a challenge in itself. That’s why with BioStore, we take care of all this to ensure each licensed installation always has the latest version of our products – this is our software upgrade guarantee.

*FasTrak installations only when connected to BioStore Identity Management system.

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