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Print & Copy Management

BioStore prides itself on being the most flexible and compatible Identity Management system for Print & Copy Management control in the market.


The BioStore Print & Copy Management solution is fully compatible with a ‘pull-printing’ print process, where users submit print jobs to a virtual queue and can then retrieve those jobs from any authorised device, by confirming their identity using the card or biometric reader, or typing a PIN.

Integration to all major print copy management systems and manufacturers’ MFD printers provides a one-stop shop for identity, and with a BioStore IDPoint attached to each printer, offers flexible options for finger biometric, MiFare or RFID and PIN for strong authentication.

Convenient Print and Copy Management System

A BioStore IDPoint terminal, with embedded card and biometric reader, is attached to a multi-function printer (MFP) and connected to BioStore’s IDManager via the network. This provides the organisation with full control over the Print & Copy Management features and functions available to the user.

The identification method to be used by each person for a particular application is set in BioStore’s IDManager console. The user can then identify themselves at the IDPoint using their secure authentication method, where credentials are confirmed by BioStore’s IDManager to automatically log them into the appropriate MFP.

Any jobs that the user has submitted are then available to print or delete, as well as being able to copy or scan according to the permissions they have been granted. Large jobs can also be re-routed to Reprographics, as well as deleting any uncollected jobs after 24 hours.


Control and audit who can print, copy, fax and scan

  • Security – Documents are not produced until the document owner collects them. Use of biometrics adds a further level of security ensuring that users are positively identified and are not using someone else’s card or PIN.
  • Cost Saving & Environmental Benefit – Employing various levels of control can reduce total document production by a significant percentage, making the service both cheaper and more environmentally friendly.
  • Control – Dictate what is allowed or disallowed, such as enforcing mono and duplex printing for groups of users, allocating printer ‘credits’ or balances and ‘costs per copy’.
  • Flexibility & Efficiency – The solution makes it easy and convenient for the majority of printing and copying to make use of highly efficient MFPs.

BioStore’s Print and Copy Management can integrate with market-leading printer manufacturers and with a number of respected print management products, giving our customers a wide range of solutions to choose from