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Password Management

BioStore’s Password Manager helps resolve many issues when implementing a secure password policy for Windows networks.


Providing a secure biometric backed method for password reset which does not require staff intervention, reduces pressure on the IT department and removes any stigma attached to forgetting a password.

Password Manager eliminates the burden of requesting replacement passwords or PINs. Any user who is registered in BioStore’s IDManager via biometrics, smart card or PIN, and who forgets a password, can approach one of the Password Manager devices.

Remove IT staff involvement for password reset or recovery

BioStore’s Password Manager allocates an easily memorable word, displaying it on the screen and requiring the user to augment this with a PIN of their choosing. The resulting temporary password allows the user to log onto the network, at which point they will be required to reset their password. Secure password policies are always upheld.

Each device has a biometric reader, card scanner and keypad built in so that the user can identify themselves using their BioStore credentials.

Strategic placement of a few Password Manager devices removes the need for additional card or biometric readers on every machine.

As staff have already been enrolled, BioStore’s central identity management solution ensures the integrity of staff data.

Each Password Manager device is connected to BioStore’s IDManager via the network, and can be installed at any location where a network connection is available.


Benefits & Features:

Password Manager minimises downtime by removing the need for staff to manually process requests for password & PIN recovery.

  • Convenience – Individuals can use any Password Manager device to reset their own password, without having to report a lost password, or wait for a response from an IT staff member.
  • Time Saving – IT departments can spend untold hours resetting passwords for individuals during the working day. Such activity is not now necessary.
  • Security – Passwords no longer need to be written down. Secure authentication through BioStore’s IDManager allows a reset without the need for communication with any other person.
  • Cost Saving – Complex password policies are maintained with minimal IT effort. IT departments can therefore get on with running busy networks and maintaining essential systems.

“The Password Managers are one of the best purchases I’ve made and have reduced technician workload significantly. I have had nothing but positive feedback from the rest of the school about them.”

– IT Manager at Westgate School