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Library Management

BioStore Library Management integrates seamlessly with all the major library systems popular in the education market.


When biometric identification is used, ID cards and passwords are no longer required as students and staff can quickly identify themselves to borrow books, check resources and their loan status.

Whether using card, biometric or a combination of both, BioStore will ensure quick and easy access to this important service.

Streamline registration and borrowing with BioStore’s Library Management

When biometric identification is used, ID cards and passwords are no longer required to access services and borrow resources. This can result in a significant increase in students’ uptake of library services. Use of biometrics also eradicates the problems associated with card-sharing and lost cards. Staff time is not taken up by having to replace lost or stolen cards.

BioStore’s Library management allows staff and students to access their records and perform circulation functions by simply placing their finger on a scanner, increasing both speed and security.

People are identified quicker and more efficiently, especially at busy times. Registering biometrics often takes much less time than allocating membership cards, with the time saved freeing-up staff time to engage with students and forge a strong library-student relationship.

Advantages for users:

  • Convenience – No password to remember and faster access when logging in to services, compared to entering passwords.
  • Security – You can’t guess or misplace your fingerprint and cards can be disabled.

Benefits & Features:

Advantages of using Biometric Library Management:

  • Reduced costs – Passwords do not need to be maintained and cards do not need to be printed, as well as replacements produced for lost cards.
  • Convenience – Forgotten cards are no longer an issue.
  • Increased Security – Can’t be shared or compromised.

Advantages of using Card:

  • Convenience – In addition to using cards for recognition, users can be identified by the name and/or photo on their card.
  • Customisation – Design your own cards or choose from a set of pre-made templates.
  • Control – Cards can be set to expire or be disabled at any time.

“In the first year of Biometrics implementation we saw the number of students’ borrowing resources more than double in comparison to the previous year”

– Kath Halfpenny, Southport College School