Secure Collaboration

Even when data leaves your secure network, Global Data Sentinel keeps it under your control at all times.


Global Data Sentinel allows you to securely collaborate easily and quickly with any enterprise and across any firewall. Collaborate safe in the knowledge that you are not compromising your own high-security standards when sharing data with others.

Safely share as much data as needed, with encryption and decryption all automated in the background. Encryption key management ensures only those you grant access rights to can view the document, folder or file you want to share.

Collaborate securely with anyone, anywhere

The architecture of Global Data Sentinel uses an encrypted interface accessible through the client application, so regardless of where the solution has been installed – you can take that same security wherever you go and extend it to any external parties you work with. Collaborating with others outside your organisation is just as easy as collaborating with your colleagues.

Even when collaborating with parties outside of your organisation’s secure network, Global Data Sentinel maintains the same level of security as if you were working within the organisation’s firewall. Vendors and clients you collaborate with may not take security as seriously as your organisation – but Global Data Sentinel ensures they are still safe to work with, as data outside your perimeter is still protected.

secure collaboration

Easily manage workflow across organisations

Global Data Sentinel’s tools help organisations keep track of deadlines, manage and organise tasks, share small or large files and much more. Set reminders for upcoming events and deliverables, as well as alerting users on the system of deadlines that could be missed – all managed in an intuitive system with an easy-to-use console.

Integrating such workflow tools into your security solution can be hugely beneficial to your organisation’s management and productivity. Plus, it also helps keep your contact and calendar information just as secure as all other data on your network.

  • Secure access for external users
  • Complete control over user access and activity monitoring
  • Secure network of networks
  • User tracking and full audit trails