Hybrid Cloud Security

Whether your data resides in a public or private cloud, give it the highest level of security possible


Global Data Sentinel’s security solution is completely agnostic, able to operate with any cloud service provider, or even an organisation’s private network – regardless of existing infrastructure.

The architecture of Global Data Sentinel’s innovative solution is extremely flexible and can always be configured to your organisation’s requirements. You can exclusively use Global Data Sentinel’s cloud solution, your own corporate network or a mixture of the two. It’s security that does not compromise convenience.

Security that travels with your data

The way Global Data Sentinel handles information that requires protecting, is to ensure security is not static, and always travels with the data. You control what can be done with the data when it is shared, limiting access to the data, or perhaps only to be read a certain number of times or within in a time limit before access is revoked.

Access privileges can be altered at any time to meet your needs in any given situation. With the activity and use of your data both inside and outside your organisation fully auditable – you know exactly who has done what with your valuable data and when.


Benefits of the hybrid cloud solution

  • Global Data Sentinel’s solution works across all operating systems
  • Global Data Sentinel will fit in with any existing infrastructure
  • Use any email platform to sync with Global Data Sentinel’s email encryption solution
  • Global Data Sentinel is fully compatible with Adobe, MS Office and all other software programs
  • Work from a computer in the office, at home or on a mobile device, and still have the same level of security