Email Encryption

Global Data Sentinel integrates and improves the security of all leading email platforms


You can add extra layers of security and functionality to any email platform by utilising Global Data Sentinel. Full encryption of your emails and attachments ensure correspondence remains secure on your device, while in transit, on email servers and the recipient’s device also.

At no point does Global Data Sentinel take any chances with your data. Not only is security improved with Global Data Sentinel, but with email platform integration, it allows for fully revocable emails and comprehensive auditing.

Zero knowledge for complete data protection

Global Data Sentinel provides a zero knowledge platform as all encryption is performed client-side, and no keys reside with the data. As all data is encrypted before transit, including meta data, it is not possible for anyone to view the contents of the encrypted file, even when it reaches and resides in the cloud or on an organisation’s server.

As only the client possess and controls the encryption keys to unlock the data, full control remains in the hands of the client.


Monitor user activity & detect misuse

Activity on your email and attachments can be tracked with full auditing capabilities, so you can know if your email has been read, attachments opened and whether it has been forwarded or accessed multiple times.

This means not only can a user monitor internally who has done what with any file, but also monitor the activity of external users who have been granted access.

Global Data Sentinel makes it easy to keep track of who is doing what and when with your organisations valuable files – and with full control over the life-cycle of the data, can revoke access at any time.


Stay in control of your data at all times

Global Data Sentinel’s security has no boundaries – it travels with your data. So even when you send an email, you still have options and control over who can see the data within and what they can do with it.

You can recall your emails before they have even been read or after. You can also send your data in a read-only state, prevent forwarding, or even copying. Limits can also be set on the number of times your data is reviewed – with access automatically revoked when limits are reached or the system detects misuse.

  • Full tamper-proof audit trail
  • Works with all email providers including Outlook, Gmail and Yahoo
  • Revoke access to emails after you’ve sent it – even years after
  • Securely protect the data contained within in your emails