Data Backup & Recovery

Data backup & recovery provides comprehensive disaster recovery, business continuity, backups and version control, so data loss will no longer be a source of concern for you or your business.


Data loss is one of the most frustrating and potentially damaging problems your company or organisation can face. The data backup and recovery solution delivered by Global Data Sentinel provides a comprehensive disaster recovery solution – that won’t let you down.

Full File Versioning and Disaster Recovery

Global Data Sentinel not only protects against external attackers – but also from the inside. Accidental file loss, deletion, corruption or simply making a mistake, can all be rectified with file version control, backups and business continuity.

Previous versions of files can be restored without the need to overwrite the current versions of a file. Global Data Sentinel provides a safety net, or two, to make data loss no longer a worry, concern or cost to your organisation.

data backup and recovery

Track user activity and report event logging

Global Data Sentinel’s full tamper-proof audit trail contributes to its backup and recovery capabilities. The audit trail facility allows the monitoring of all files and user activity. Information about who is currently editing, who edited last and what has been shared is recorded. Know immediately when a file has been shared, downloaded or even deleted. Should a file accidently be deleted, with Global Data Sentinel’s auditing – you not only know exactly who deleted the data, but also has the capability to recover it.

Such a system can help identify potential dangers and avoid data loss in the first place. If data is lost – Global Data Sentinel can quickly recover and rectify the issue, but with the strong tamper-proof audit trail – you might not need it. An audit trail can help prevent data loss and recovery situations before they occur.

  • Roll-back functionality without loss of current version
  • Secure backup and archive of data
  • Deleted files easily recovered
  • Keeps track of all changes and alterations to files