Education Catering

BioStore’s FasTrak Cashless Catering and Attendance System helps solve many of the day-to-day administration problems faced in today’s busy schools, colleges & universities.


FasTrak’s extensive range of facilities include interactive whiteboards for in-class ordering, premium brand touch screen tills, online payment processing, as well as extensive reporting with product and menu management.

With schools having more and more systems to look after, new methods of dinner money & school meal management are needed. FasTrak synchronizes with BioStore’s powerful Identity Management platform to populate your school’s cashless catering system.

There is no need to re-register users, and since BioStore is populated with the latest data from your MIS, FasTrak will always contain the most up-to-date user information.

Dinner Money & School Meal Management Solutions

Register and pre-order lunch using interactive whiteboard

Simple and quick to use for pupils and teachers, the interactive whiteboard meal pre-order and attendance screen gathers the information the kitchen needs for food preparation, driving up efficiency and reducing costs. Each student will only see their own class, as Staff have their own dedicated pre-order page with a range of reporting options.

Online school meal payments for parents

FasTrak uses a web-based payment portal that enables parents to make secure online payments to the cashless catering system via debit/credit card. The use of this system reduces staff administration time and the amount of cash held in school offices.


Simple and attractive layout of products & menus

Using high-quality touch screen tills including wireless, portable and hand-held devices, purchases can be processed faster and more accurately, as information from the school’s MIS is fed down to the till-point for the catering staff to manage school meals more efficiently.

Cashless payment options to improve cash handling

Whether a school uses biometric readers or smart cards to manage cashless school dinner payments, caterers can be safe in the knowledge that accurate and up-to-date information is passed down from the MIS to ensure all students are able to use available funds in their account, or FSM entitlement in the same way as every other student, removing stigma from Free School Meals.

Pre-order “grab-bag” option reduces queuing at lunchtime

Using self-service tills, staff and students can pre-order a grab-bag of their choice, pay from their account and receive a receipt. Catering staff can prepare the bags for collection based on a simple to understand report.

Administration & product management for school meal options

Knowing how many school meals to prepare greatly reduces food waste, and ensures each student receives their choice of school lunch, whether it be a grab bag, selection from school dinner menu or snack.


Accurate reporting ensures improved administration & profit

Administration and processing of Universal Infant Free School Meals, Free School Meals, Supervisor Allowances, Online Payments, Cash Payments and Payments by Cheque, streamlines reporting & accounting requirements to improve efficiency, thus ensuring accurate & timely reclaiming of Pupil Premiums with full audit trails.

Reports provide feedback on:

  • Sales & popularity of each product offered
  • Fund deposits & sales, free school meal allowances and free school meal eligibility due to expire
  • Transactions for a single user, group of users or for your whole school
  • Pre-orders for your whole school, just for a class (or multiple classes) and any uncollected pre-orders
  • Number of school dinners to prepare in advance

Benefits & Features:

  • Record & Monitor Attendance – FasTrak’s pre-ordering system can be used as a simple e-Registration system which synchronises with the school’s MIS automatically.
  • UIFSM/FSM Management – Full accounting & reporting ensures accurate and efficient reclaiming of Pupil Premiums with full audit trails through information fed down from the school’s Management Information System (MIS).
  • Warnings & Alerts – Purchases at the till or pre-ordering stations will show alerts and prevent purchases where specific dietary and allergy requirements are enforced.
  • Pre-order & Pay Online – FasTrak uses a web-based payment portal that enables parents to pre-order and make secure online payments for their child’s school meals without the need to send cash to school.


We were fortunate to come across FasTrak late in the day, and grateful we came across a supplier with the expertise and commitment to deliver a solution at very short notice

– Richard Ireson, University Academy Holbeach