Business Catering

BioStore’s FasTrak Cashless Catering system helps to solve many of the day-to-day administration problems faced in today’s organisations that deliver in-house catering for staff canteens.

Cashless catering business

Installing cashless catering at your workplace will streamline the office canteen; delivering a more effective and efficient service to all staff. Orders can be placed online and even days in advance, with online payments available to top-up their account. Once the order is placed and funds are available, all staff need to do is authenticate at the food order point and collect.

Staff can order food from the office canteen or even use cashless vending machines, simply by using their ID smart cards or biometrics. Quick authentication with either a fingerprint or smart card provides a smoother lunchtime experience, and with food pre-ordering, allows staff as well as the office catering staff, to better prepare for the day’s meals.

Full integration with other Management Information Systems (MIS)

There are a number of solutions that BioStore offers that are beneficial to businesses. With FasTrak cashless catering, the ID used around the workplace would be the same ID used to authenticate payment at the food order point. This keeps the user experience simple for staff – especially if the only ID they need is their fingerprint.

Cashless catering also helps your workplace kitchen analyse and improve their service, stock ordering and operations. Pre-orders help the kitchen manage their stock and as a result, manage their budget and supplier interaction.

cashless caretin at an office


  • Operate a cash-free organisation
  • More efficient workplace canteen
  • Complete control of menu – display price with and without VAT
  • Reduce administration and paperwork
  • Tracking and auditing helps plan canteen budget
  • Pre-order system to ensure satisfied workers and minimum waste

Streamline the office canteen; delivering a more effective and efficient service to all staff