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Cashless Catering

BioStore’s FasTrak Cashless Catering solutions help to solve many of the day-to-day administration problems faced in today’s busy schools, colleges, universities and businesses.


FasTrak’s Cashless Catering facilities allows schools or businesses to go completely cashless. Catering at your business or school suddenly becomes faster and more efficient, because staff or students can collect their meal for the day with a simple & quick authentication from an ID smart card or biometric reader. Meals can also be pre-ordered using an online account that can be topped-up.

FasTrak integrates seamlessly with BioStore’s ID Management solution, providing unity among all other products through a single secure central user database. BioStore’s FasTrak is a flexible system and its benefits can be reaped regardless if working exclusively with other BioStore products or 3rd parties. BioStore integrates and works with many 3rd party applications and Management Information systems.

Cashless Catering for Education

Whether you are a primary school, secondary school, college or university, BioStore provides cashless catering solutions to meet your requirements.

In primary schools, FasTrak’s cashless catering system combines in-class pre-ordering with attendance management, so that pupils record their attendance when choosing their school meal for the day.

With this solution, Universal Infant Free School Meals are seamlessly handled, with the kitchen receiving the pupils’ orders to help ensure the correct meals are prepared for lunch. Older children can use the same system, with their parents topping up a pre-paid account online.

Introduce a cashless catering system to your secondary school, and you can ensure students are eating on the school premises, not spending their own or parent’s money off-site on less nutritious food. Cashless catering payments can be authorized with a smartcard, biometrics or pin pad, with payment made from an account that can be topped up online, using PayPoint or one of the school’s cash loaders located on-site.

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Cashless Catering for Business

Whether your business needs to feed ten people or a thousand, FasTrak cashless catering can manage the canteen and catering at your workplace. Catering staff can work speedily and efficiently without the need to manually handle cash payments, worry about food waste or not having enough food for staff.

BioStore provides a secure, reliable ordering and payment system that can be audited, tracked, and fed into other Management Information Systems on site. Staff can pay for their meals using the same authentication methods used for other solutions such as computer logon or building access using either ID smart cards or biometric readers.

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Cashless Vending

Catering with no staff and no cash involved. BioStore can provide or retrofit vending machines that link with the FasTrak cashless catering system to utilise existing funds in a user’s account.

Using BioStore’s ID Management for authentication also helps to keep your school or business truly cash free. The vending machines can be activated with an ID smart card or biometric reader where funds are simply deducted from the user’s topped-up online payment account.

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Quick and easy identification with smart cards, fingerprint biometrics or PIN-pad using BioStore’s Identity Management system integrated with the organisation’s MIS