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Cashless Catering

BioStore’s FasTrak Cashless Catering can breathe new life into your catering operations, increasing uptake, improving efficiency and reducing costs.


BioStore’s FasTrak Cashless Catering lets your organisation go completely cashless. It’s a cost-effective approach that improves kitchen service and operations – but most importantly – it’s an approach that makes your catering offering simple and attractive to its users in your organisation.

The FasTrak integrates and uses the overall BioStore Identity Management solution. Users don’t need to bring anything extra with them to access catering services. The authentication your staff or students use for everything else in your organisation, is what they use for a cashless catering system. Without cash needed, catering lines are cut and more decent lunches that fuel productivity are served.

How does the FasTrak Cashless Catering solution work?

Cashless Catering works by letting users pay for meals in advanced. Users can log in to their online account at any time to top up their account or to view transactions / payment history. They simply keep their account updated with funds, and an auto-top-up feature keeps maintenance simple.

Self-service kiosk placed around your organisation give users another option for uploading and updating their catering account while on-site.

Once inside the canteen, payment is withdrawn with nothing but a simple authentication of an organisation’s choosing. BioStore supports the use of biometric fingerprints, smartcards, password and PINs. You can allow users to make use of whatever method your organisation already implements.

The benefits of going completely cashless

  • Reduced lunchtime queues
  • Easy account maintenance
  • Improved kitchen operations
  • Extensive meal reporting
  • Improved stock control
  • Fully auditable payments
  • Multiple authentication options
  • Full IT support services
  • System training for kitchen staff
  • Pre-order options

Cashless Catering System for Schools, Colleges & Universities

The FasTrak system works perfectly in the education setting, whether a primary or secondary school or even college or university. Parents can manage students account and gain a better overview of their child’s diet while at school.

FasTrak Cashless Catering solution significantly reduces cash-handling costs and streamlines administration time.

The benefit of going cashless in a catering environment, is that you can greatly increase the uptake of catering in general. It encourages more students to get the food and energy they need to perform throughout the school day.

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Business Cashless Catering System

Well-fed workers who have taken a proper break are more productive workers. Implement an efficient and cost-effective Cashless Catering system to get more out of your workforce and more out of your kitchen operations. When you remove cash, you can make the whole operation more attractive.

Multi-factor authentication allows you to offer a variety of authentication methods to your staff. Biometrics, smartcards, PINs and passwords are all available ensuring there is a solution that works for everyone.

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Cashless Vending

You can create a truly cashless organisation with the integration of vending machines. BioStore can provide or retrofit vending machines that link with the FasTrak Cashless Catering system to utilise existing funds in a user’s account.

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