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Card Management, Design & Print

Simple to use and feature rich, the market leading card management qualities of BioStore’s IDManager allow any organisation to manage and maintain a Smart Card Identity system with minimum investment.


BioStore provides a complete range of features and functions to produce, manage and maintain all smart cards across a site, linking to all the systems for a single point of administration.

Simple and easy to use, smart cards provide access to a whole array of services which include; time and attendance monitoring, purchasing food, borrowing books, access to buildings, printing, photo copying and opening lockers to name but a few.

Create, manage & print ID cards using BioStore’s card management suite

BioStore works with all well-known card types, but contactless are the most popular with all the electronics embedded inside a plastic card. They are robust, water proof and because there are no electrical connections and no contact with the card readers, there is nothing to wear out!

All card management and production is carried out in BioStore’s IDManager and Card Designer. You can use Card Designer to design new card layouts or select from our library of templates for a good starting point to work from.

BioStore’s IDManager controls the ordering or creating of new cards, managing temporary cards, and granting or withdrawing permissions for cards to access applications.

The power of BioStore’s IDManager is highlighted when connected to a Management Information System or Active Directory.

Users are automatically managed and maintained, pulling down information and photos accurately and securely.


Benefits & Features:

BioStore’s IDManager connects to BioStore’s card bureau service through a highly secure encrypted link. Open an account and print, the cards are then returned by post, automatically registered on the system, and ready to use as soon as they arrive. It can’t be any simpler than that!

  • There are many different types of supported cards to choose from including Magnetic Swipe Card, RFID, MiFare contactless and bar code.
  • Label printing is supported through BioStore’s IDManager using Dymo printers, providing IDs for conferences, visitors, open days and parents evenings.
  • Card management is centralised so production and activation is quick and simple with cards instantly available across all systems.
  • Secure connection to our bureau service keeps information both encrypted and safe, complying with data protection requirements.

Card printing options

  • Print to a local Evolis card printer or for those larger runs order directly from our bureau service, simply and seamlessly.
  • Cards are automatically registered and ready to use across all applications.
  • BioStore’s IDManager has extensive error checking when ready to print cards, if data is missing, or too big to fit, this will be highlighted for correction or confirmation, massively reducing the chance of errors or omissions.

Simple to use but feature rich, the market leading card management features of BioStore’s IDManager allow any organisation to manage and maintain a Smart Card Identity system with minimum investment in administration and training