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Fast & Secure Business Cashless Catering

BioStore’s FasTrak Business Cashless Catering is the solution that makes business catering cost-effective for organisations, and at the same time, fantastically simple for staff to use.

Make your business catering attractive and valuable to employees by going cashless. The FasTrak Cashless Catering System allows employees to create and top up their account online to pay for lunch and snacks in the canteen or vending machine using one of BioStore’s multi-authentication methods available.

With no need for cash on-site, catering becomes fast, simple and easy, with queuing and waiting times reduced. You can encourage employees to take their lunch break and get the energy they need to perform throughout the day with Business Cashless Catering. Staff would simply use their fingerprint, smart card or pin to purchase or collect their pre-ordered lunch from the canteen.

Benefits of a cashless catering system for businesses

  • Reduce Queueing time
  • Improve stock control
  • Easy account and transaction check-up
  • Pre-order functionality
  • Fully auditable payments
  • Staff can view their account and transactions at any time
  • Dedicated customer support for your employees
  • Biometric, card or PIN options
  • Extensive reporting
  • Full system training provided for catering staff
  • IT Support after installation
  • Fast and easy settlement of transactions

Reduce employee queueing time by going cashless

With BioStore’s FasTrak Business Cashless Catering solution, organisations can make life easier for employees, by creating a cash-free place of work. Instead of the need to remember to bring change or cash to work, or stand waiting at the till for a credit card to connect, payments for meals, snacks and drinks are withdrawn from a pre-paid account.

Multiple identification methods available

Employee accounts are linked to a form of identification, such as a biometric fingerprint, smartcard, fob, or PIN code. That one identification is all they need to authenticate a catering payment. BioStore’s solution is flexible and will work with whatever form of identification is most desired and suitable for each and every organisation.

Easy, quick Top Ups

Business Cashless Catering makes payments for food and drink so much quicker, but it would be useless if topping up your account was laborious or time-consuming. The BioStore system is very flexible and simple.

Accounts can be topped-up via an online portal, a mobile app, on-site kiosks, or PayPoint. Employees simply log into their account and top-up with a credit or debit card payment, or via PayPoint services. They can do this at their own leisure, anytime convenient to them. Employees can also set up an auto top-up feature, to ensure their account is always funded.

Pre-order either meals or grab-bags conveniently and easily

The FasTrak Business Cashless Catering system also supports pre-ordering. This can be a real time save for employees or just helps them plan and keep on top of their diet. Pre-orders can be made:

  • Online – pre-orders are made from the same portal used to top-up your account. Staff will have the full menu for each upcoming day to pick from. They can ensure they get the meal they want and plan their diet for the week.
  • On-site kiosks work in much the same way as the online portal, but give staff the option to pre-order while on-site if more convenient. Employees will be able to select their lunch from the full menu for each upcoming day.

In both cases, the money for the meal will only be removed from an account once the meal has been collected.

If an employee doesn’t have time to sit down for a meal, a quick pre-ordered grab-bag can be a great alternative. When pre-ordering from a kiosk, the user will receive a printed receipt they can use to quickly claim their grab-bag later.

Full integration with other Management Information Systems (MIS)

Some work places can become a little overwhelming, with numerous passwords, codes, and authentications needed to get around the office day-to-day. However, BioStore are experts in Identity Management solutions that seamlessly integrate throughout an organisation. Its ability to integrate into Management Information Systems means that the Business Cashless Catering solution can easily be introduced into an organisation.

Employees don’t need a new form of identification exclusively for cashless catering. The same identification they use for access control, photocopying, parking, printing or any other solution offered by the organisation, can be used for catering.

Handy on-site Kiosks

The BioStore Kiosk provides users with a simple and effective method of topping up and checking their account balance. Top-ups can be done using a Credit or Debit card. Pre-orders can be made from on-site kiosks too.

But on-site kiosks solve another problem for offices. They can be used to quickly allow visitors to get up and running and using the cashless catering options available too.

A visitor card can be distributed from the kiosk. Visitors then can top up their temporary account, and make cashless payments just like employees. Once their visit is over, the Credit or Debit card used to top up their temporary account will be refunded with any money not spent.

Additionally, the Kiosk’s display can be customised to include an organisation’s branding and other messages.

Kiosk Core Benefits

  • Cashless loading facility on-site
  • Can accept all major Credit/Debit cards
  • Check balance in seconds
  • Can distribute visitor cards and issue refunds
  • Pre-orders

Complete Integration – Vending Machines Included

It can be a bit of a problem when offices encourage a cashless place of work, but still have vending machines. It doesn’t really make sense to have a vending machine on-site that requires cash when the main catering offering is cashless. Either the vending machine is disposed of, or left obsolete and rarely used.

Thankfully, we have the capability to retro-fit or install completely new vending machines that can be integrated into the overall Business Cashless Catering solution. Staff in the workplace can benefit from using funds already in their online account to purchase items from the cashless vending machines.

Vending machines use the same authentication and accounts used in the core catering solution, so if employees have a topped-up account, they are ready to make quick and easy cashless purchases at a vending machine.

Give Catering Staff the Edge

The immediate day-to-day benefit of the BioStore FasTrak cashless catering system is the reduced waiting time for staff and the increased footfall to office catering. But BioStore’s system also helps catering staff behind the scenes, by modernising their operation and empowering them with more data than ever.

The Business Cashless Catering system, which the BioStore team will train staff to use, allows the whole catering operation to run smoother and faster than ever before. Extensive end-of-day reporting allows catering staff to improve stock control, and fine tune their offering, with plenty of data to analyse. They can quickly and easily see what is selling well and what isn’t and adjust their operations accordingly.

Pre-order functionality is also an available option in the BioStore FasTrak cashless catering system too. Catering staff can be better prepared and efficient when it comes to lunch service when pre-orders are used, and employees can ensure they get the meal they want.

Our dedicated support team provide you with comprehensive on-site training and will be available at any time you require, via email, support portal, and phone with direct access to our knowledge base.