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Attendance & Registration

IDRegister provides time & attendance and registration integration with the BioStore system, accessing the same benefits as other BioStore applications.


Any user who is registered in BioStore’s IDManager, via biometrics or smart card, can use the E-Registration Client application connected to BioStore. A finger scanner or card reader is used in conjunction with the Client, so that users can identify themselves using their BioStore credentials. BioStore’s E-Registration then sets the status for the user as either registered in or out.

Administration of the system can have different permission levels set, creating accounts for full access or restrict users for viewing and printing reports only.

Write back to all popular MIS’s is included for AM/PM and lesson-by-lesson registration marks.

Complex timetabling support provides staff time and attendance, sixth form, lates, AM/PM registration and lesson-by-lesson all from easy to use IDPoints.

Attendance & Registration delivers a number of key benefits:

  • Convenience – Teachers may not always have access to a computer in order to complete a register. Registration points in PE changing rooms or outside the assembly hall can provide a useful alternative.
  • Time Saving – Teachers no longer have to take time to register every student; people can simply scan their finger (or use a card or PIN) as they walk through a classroom door or move around the school.
  • Control – Staff can keep an eye on registration, view attendance reports for a selection of people or everyone in the database, and view real-time updates when people register in or out.
  • Responsibility – By using the e-Registration system, students learn to take responsibility for their own attendance record.

Generate electronic reports for the following:

  • Emergency Person List – Snapshot of people currently registered in or out
  • Registration Transactions – Monitor the frequency of people signing in or out
  • Attendance – Attendance records for people
  • Exceptions – Registration transactions that do not conform to a timetable or schedule are reported for analysis by administration staff

E-Registration Admin shows a list of everyone with access to registration services, along with the information already entered in BioStore’s IDManager. The status of each user is also shown.

Automatic import of people with registration access from BioStore’s IDManager.


Integration with BioStore’s powerful e-Registration software removes paper-based registers and automatically writes back registration mark to connected Management Information System (MIS)