Visitor Management

BioStore’s Visitor Management application provides a safeguard against unauthorised persons, protecting pupils in schools as well as staff and property in the workplace.


Providing a simple to use and automated self-service system so staff can keep track of all visitors to the school, campus or workplace, a touch screen kiosk in reception is used by the visitor to create an account by entering their appointment and departure times as well as their contact information.

A photo of the visitor is also taken using a built-in camera which then produces a printed badge to wear as identification.

Keep track of all staff and visitors in real-time with IDVisitor

Visitors are still required to be signed-in by a staff member, but the required administration time is greatly reduced as the visit details have already been logged in the IDVisitor Client.

Signing out can either be carried out by the visitor using a kiosk running IDVisitor Client, or by a staff member, such as a receptionist, using IDVisitor Manager. All visitor accounts created at kiosks are automatically added to the IDVisitor database.

The ID Visitor database makes it easy to identify whether visitors are still signed-in, in the event of a fire or evacuation.

Generate electronic reports for the following:

  • Emergency Person List – Snapshot of visitors and staff currently signed in
  • Transactions – In and out transactions for visitors and staff
  • Visits – Visitor attendance record

Benefits & Features:

New visitor accounts created at kiosks are automatically added to the IDVisitor database, making it easy to sign regular visitors in and out of the building with the ability to manually add or edit visitor accounts.

  • Convenience – Visitors can use any kiosk running IDVisitor Client to enter their own details, without having to wait for a member of staff to become available.
  • Time Saving – Visitors can now fill in their own details, take their own photo, and print a visitor ID label in a simple to use interface. A member of staff only needs to sign visitors in, which only requires the click of a button.
  • Cost Saving – Visitor management is simplified when using IDVisitor, and can be maintained with minimal effort, therefore staff have more time to get on with other tasks.
  • Security – All visitor accounts are stored securely in the database, and staff members can easily check details and view reports about visitor transactions.

Safeguarding pupils in school and employees in the workplace is made possible by providing easy monitoring and registration of all visitors and staff coming in and out of the premises