Locker Management

Free your organisation from traditional key-based solutions, driving down cost of ownership and improving accessibility and security.


BioStore can integrate with all mainstream solutions, from one-time allocations to permanent lockers and laptop and asset protection systems with full RFID verification and charging features.

Any user who is registered in BioStore’s IDManager, via biometrics, smart card or PIN, and who needs a locker, can utilise an IDPoint connected to the IDLocker service.

Remove the need for padlocks & locker keys with IDLocker

Each device has a biometric reader, card scanner and keypad built in so that users can identify themselves using their BioStore credentials. Additionally, different IDPoints can control different groups of lockers.

IDLocker can use dynamic locker allocation – lockers are not permanently allocated to users.

When a user is identified, a locker is allocated to them, with the locker number being displayed on the IDPoint screen.

The locker can then be opened and used for storage, and is automatically locked when closed. When the user wants to retrieve their belongings from the locker, they once again confirm their identity on the IDPoint to open the locker.

The locker must then be emptied because it is de-allocated when closed again.


Benefits & Features:

Lockers can be allocated to specific users through the use of BioStore’s IDManager. Each IDPoint is connected to BioStore’s IDManager via the network, and can be installed at any location where a network connection is available.

  • Convenience – Individuals can use any IDPoint to allocate or de-allocate their locker, without having to queue or wait for a response from busy staff members.
  • Easy Allocation – Locker numbers do not need to be remembered, as when a user authenticates on an IDPoint, the locker number allocated to them is displayed.
  • No Keys – This adds a further level of security ensuring that users are positively identified and are not using someone else’s card or PIN.
  • Security – Locker keys no longer need to be carried around, and use of biometrics means users no longer need to remember a password or PIN.

Lockers do not need to be manually allocated by a staff member, and users can allocate and de-allocate their own lockers as and when they need to