Computer Logon

BioStore’s IDLogon solution means that users no longer need worry about forgetting their passwords, which often results in wasted time requesting replacement passwords from IT staff.


BioStore’s IDLogon provides the benefits of BioStore authentication applied to the Computer Logon process. Advanced features provide logon for special needs through teacher and helper authentication.

When a user places their card or finger over the appropriate scanner for recognition, their record is looked up in BioStore’s IDManager, and IDLogon attempts to log in to Windows using the synchronised Active Directory logon credentials for the user.

Remove the need to store passwords with IDLogon

Any user who is registered in BioStore’s IDManager, via biometrics or smart card, can use the IDLogon system. IDLogon supports card readers and finger scanners, so that users can identify themselves using their BioStore credentials. BioStore automatically synchronises Active Directory with IDManager.

Staff, students, and other users may be tempted to write down their passwords rather than remember them, potentially causing a security risk. IDLogon removes this risk.

Multi-student access for staff

  • Helpers of special needs students can log them on to the system
  • Each helper can be assigned a number of students
  • When the helper places a card or finger on the scanner, a list of the assigned students will appear, allowing the helper to choose the correct student to log on as
  • It is optional whether or not the helper has his/her own account; it is not a requirement

Benefits & Features:

  • Access – Staff helping Special Needs students are able to use their IDLogon credentials to securely logon multiple students. This removes the need to individually sign-in students, saving time as staff can choose from a student list assigned to their account.
  • Convenience – IDLogon, as part of the BioStore product range, utilises BioStore’s IDManager. If users have previously been registered in BioStore’s IDManager, they do not need to register again for IDLogon; as they can use their existing credentials if they are authorised to do so.
  • Time Saving – Users can no longer forget their passwords when using IDLogon. This means users will no longer take up staff time requesting replacement passwords.
  • Security – Users will no longer be tempted to write passwords down. Secure authentication through BioStore’s IDManager allows users to log on with finger or card recognition, as opposed to written passwords.

By using Computer Logon, users can log on using cards or finger recognition, removing the risk of leaving passwords written down for others to find