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Leisure Solutions

Give your customers a unified and simple experience with our range of ID solutions


With BioStore, you can offer your customers one ID solution to achieve a range of tasks. Whether it is access to a hotel room, the gym or the par 3 course, BioStore can provide a simple and appealing way for customers to interact.

BioStore’s central ID Management system integrates comfortably with existing Management Information Systems and every other individual BioStore solution. This means a single ID card or even a fingerprint can be used around your leisure facility to grant access and use to a variety of services.

Check-in, assign lockers and monitor attendance

Let members of your club enjoy the facilities and activities on offer without carrying any cash or credit cards with them. Members could access the jacuzzi, sauna or order food all with the touch of a finger. BioStore’s biometric ID solution could make use of customers’ fingerprints to activate services. Payment would then be withdrawn from their pre-paid account.

Using either smart ID cards or biometrics, members can confirm appointments or even grant access to lockers holding their personal belongings. Members and customers can lose or forget locker keys, causing inconvenience and additional admin for members of staff.


Guest ID Management for your Hotel

Use BioStore’s comprehensive smart card management system to quickly get your guests checked-in and using the hotel’s facilities. We support a number of different cards: magnetic swipe, RFID MiFARE contactless and barcode.

Customer’s room keycard could also grant access to the hotel pool or authenticate meal payments. With BioStore, printing new cards is simple should customers need a card replacing. Furthermore, biometric authentication would add an extra level of security to room entry – no one else could use anyone else’s access key.


Provide secure clubhouse facilities for your members & guests

Let your patrons pay for the round of golf with a simple swipe of an ID card or scan of a fingerprint. Or even let them pay for the “round” in the club house after. BioStore can also offer access control to your sports facilities via smart ID cards or biometrics.

There is also so much more you can add to the same ID authentication. Food orders, vending machines, club shop or lockers, can all be managed with the customer’s smart card ID or biometrics. You could even manage parking at your sports venue with BioStore. This would ensure your customers can take advantage of parking facilities and no one else.