ePayment Partners

ePayment providers work in partnership with BioStore to deliver secure payment options that fit in with an organisations requirements

sQuid is used across many different sectors and is already widely used across the UK as well as internationally. sQuid work with local Councils, Transit operators, Schools, Colleges, Universities, and International Aid agencies. Uniquely offering a multi-wallet account, sQuid also offer cashless payments with integrated loyalty.

ParentPay are the market leaders in online income collection for school meals – trusted by over 4000 schools and 1 million parents.

Schoolcomms provides a tried and tested communication solution used by thousands of schools in the UK and beyond. We’ve developed a proven solution that’s designed to provide fast and reliable email and text messaging, online parent payments and reporting – offering low cost, real time communication with parents, carers, teachers, students and governors.

Tucasi creates software systems that help schools manage income more effectively. Their systems are designed to reduce workload in the school, create multiple payment options, and improve auditability.