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Solutions for Universities

BioStore solutions make everyday life for a student easier with a single ID for authentication to multiple university services


Use BioStore’s ID Management system to unify the student experience. The same smart card or biometric can be used to access everything: buildings, library, computers or even the student union.

There are many solutions that BioStore can implement that would assist Universities’ student bodies. Our solutions are perfect for independent students who need a less hands on approach. And we keep all these varied solutions tied together under a single ID Management solution that easily integrates into any MIS.

Unify access to the university’s learning resources

Independent learning is a valuable skill university students need to learn. With BioStore, you can make access to the materials students need easy.

Whether it is access to the university library, managing the loaning and returning of books, or accessing the university’s online resources – with BioStore, you can use the same identification system ubiquitously throughout.

BioStore’s cashless catering solution also helps to keep cash off campus. With pre-loaded online accounts, students can budget their spend at the university’s dining facilities, student union and university shops.


Applicable Solutions


IDManagement – Introduce our IDManagement system to unify all the products and services offered at the university. The same ID for the library, for attendance or even drinks at the student union.


Password Manager – Allow students to quickly and independently get up and running again should they forget a password used for computer logon.


Cashless Catering – Cashless catering can be used around the university to reduce queues and improve efficiency, or even help students manage their spending budget on a night out at the student union.


Attendance and Registration – Keep track of attendance to lectures and seminars as students enter – no need to waste time taking a paper register.


Access Control – Manage who has access to where and at what times, whether it’s lecture halls, the student union or accommodation.


Visitor Management – Quickly and simply get visitors to the university up and running – with access to all the areas they need and restrict use to only the systems they have permission to use.


Library Management – Manage the loaning and return of books to the university library with BioStore’s IDManagement. Ensures quick and easy access to this all-important learning resource for university students.


Computer Logon – As more important learning materials move online – give students a quick and simple way to validate their identity and get logged on speedily to what they need.


Locker Management – Remove the cost of keys or combinations. Instead, simply allow students to access their locker with their identity – whether that’s a smart card or biometric. It’s a simple task to transfer who has access when the locker changes hands.


Print & Copy Management – Grant printing privileges using BioStore’s IDManagement. Students can top up their pre-paid accounts and only print as much as they have paid for. Our solution is fully compatible with a ‘pull-printing’ print process.


Card Management, Design & Print – Should a student lose their smart card – BioStore can quickly print and produce new cards for university students.