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BioStore’s Healthcare Solutions

BioStore’s ID solutions can ensure healthcare providers run smoother, faster and more securely


Healthcare can be an industry where positions, jobs, roles and staff can change very quickly. While it is important that patient’s data is securely protected, the system needs to be manageable and flexible. BioStore’s user-provisioning in its ID Management system are simple and easy to control. New permissions can be granted quickly, with permissions revoked just as easily.

Organisations can be overwhelmed when numerous passwords, codes, and authentications are needed. BioStore’s Identity Management seamlessly integrates into multiple applications throughout a healthcare organisation, whatever the Management Information System.

Whether it’s access control, cashless catering, print management, locker access and more, staff can use the same one authentication for all of them. This approach creates a unified and hassle-free working environment.

Multiple identification methods available

All the integrated applications use the same form of identification, and healthcare organisations can choose the method that best suits their needs. BioStore offers biometric fingerprints, smartcards, or PIN as means of authentication. Whichever identification an organisation picks to use, it’s all staff need to authenticate themselves for a range of applications. BioStore’s solution is flexible and will work with whatever form of identification is most desired and suitable for each and every organisation.

Make your catering attractive and valuable to staff by going cashless

BioStore’s Identity Management can be used to remove the need for cash on-site. Catering becomes fast, simple and easy. Queuing and waiting times are greatly reduced. Staff have the time to get a proper break, look after themselves, and subsequently look after their patients.

Handy on-site Kiosks

The BioStore Kiosk provides staff with a simple method of topping up and checking their account. Top-ups can be done using a Credit or Debit card. Pre-orders can be made from on-site kiosks too. The Kiosk’s display can be customised to include an organisation’s branding and other messages.

Complete Integration – Vending Machines Included

Additionally – we retro-fit or install completely new vending machines that can be integrated into the overall catering solution. Staff can use funds already in their online account to purchase items from the cashless vending machines.

    Key benefits of a cashless solution:

  • Reduce queueing time
  • Improve stock control
  • Easy account and transaction check-up online or at on-site kiosks
  • Pre-order functionality
  • Fully auditable payments
  • Dedicated customer support for your staff
  • Biometric, Card or PIN options
  • Extensive reporting for catering staff
  • Full system training provided for catering staff
  • IT Support after installation
  • Reduce bacteria spread by removing cash

Simple Access Control

Healthcare organisations can use BioStore’s systems to manage access control to certain areas. Whether it is a smartcard, biometric or PIN, access is simple and secure. You can individually manage each staff member’s level of access, completely controlling who has access to where and when. This helps keep the hospital environment secure and patients safe.

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Secure Locker Management

Staff lockers could easily be integrated into the same BioStore solution. That means no keys for staff to remember or combinations. They can access lockers using the same simple method they use for everything else. It keeps things simple for staff, allowing them to worry and focus about their work, instead of on mundane operational tasks.

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Computer Logon

Let staff logon to computers using the smartcard, biometric or PIN. It’s easy fast and secure. It lets staff get on with their work quickly, but securely protects access to sensitive and private patient information. When log-in is made so simple, it’s yet one less thing staff have to worry about.

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Safe Printing & Copy Management

Print management is another solution that can be brought under the BioStore Identity management umbrella. Staff authenticate their printing jobs in a pull-printing process. This ensures printers don’t get clogged up with prints and ensures the security of documents. They are only collected by those who authorised the print, protecting sensitive information.

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