Healthcare Solutions

BioStore’s ID solutions can ensure healthcare providers run smoother, faster and more securely


BioStore understands patient confidentiality is of paramount importance in healthcare. We can provide the technology to ensure patient data is securely protected and only accessible by those with authority to do so.

Our ID solutions using either smart ID cards or biometric scanning are quick and easy to authenticate, so staff can access the data when they need it fast, wherever they are.

Secure Patient Data with BioStore

With BioStore, we can provide the technology to keep patient data secure. With biometric authentication, you can rest assured only those with permission have any possible chance of accessing confidential information. A password is vulnerable and hackable, whereas our advanced spoof-proof fingerprint technology security is far superior.


Manage User ID’s to quickly keep pace

Healthcare can be an industry where positions, jobs, roles and staff can change very quickly. While it is important that patient’s data is securely protected, the system needs to be manageable and flexible. BioStore’s user-provisioning in its ID Management system are simple and easy to control. New permissions can be granted quickly, with permissions revoked just as easily.