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Education Solutions

In the Education sector, BioStore’s solutions can transform the student experience by unifying all processes under one ID Management solution


BioStore has a wealth of experience and success in the education sector, providing its services & solutions since 2005.

In the education sector, BioStore offers a range of solutions for primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and universities. BioStore’s products help address the logistical and management challenges these institutions face.

BioStore delivers robust solutions to the education industry

BioStore ensures that, what could easily become a complex amalgamation of solutions, remains simple. It is all managed under a secure central BioStore Server using IDManager.

When a new application is added, it is simply connected and registered to the BioStore Server and can instantly access all facilities and identity management services. Our greatest strength is the ability to integrate and unify numerous solutions all under one system.

BioStore solutions streamline attendance and registration, manage library operations, revolutionize catering, reduce staff workload, and much more. Its solutions are effective, accessible, tried & tested and successful. Opting for BioStore is opting for reliability, first class support and efficiency.


Primary schools

BioStore’s range of products have a number of applications and advantages for primary schools. Our management of a cashless catering system in particular provides a powerful tool for primary schools, managing attendance, meal pre-orders, UIFSM and FSM all in one solution.

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Secondary schools

BioStore’s solutions for secondary schools are comprehensive and robust, and help tackle any number of logistical and operational challenges secondary schools’ face. BioStore’s biometric solutions handle registration, cashless catering, library resources and locker management. In addition to providing secure access to buildings & rooms, computers can also be managed using IDLogon.

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Keeping track of the attendance of 6th form students can be a massive challenge for colleges. With BioStore’s technology, that can be addressed with ease. An attendance system for 6th form students must be flexible, light-weight and easy to use for both students and staff. That is exactly what BioStore provides.

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There are a number of applications BioStore can offer to varying degrees at universities. Library management, cashless catering, access control, locker management and even the student union could all come under one unified ID management solution from BioStore.

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“BioStore is working really well for us, in fact we are hoping to extend it to incorporate registration and security as well.”

– Stephen Craig, Casterton Business and Enterprise College