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Employ BioStore solutions in your organisation to offer a simple unified experience to your staff


From simply granting access to your office building, to powering your staff catering, there are a number of day-to-day operations that BioStore can help with in your organisation.

BioStore’s products seamlessly integrates with existing Management Information Systems, so your staff only need one proof of identification to handle all the processes installed and utilised on site. That ID can be as simple as a smart card, or take advantage of biometric technology. You can allow staff to use nothing but their fingerprint to complete tasks such as building access, ordering meals or using the printer.

Secure workstations, control access & monitor attendance

BioStore’s secure central ID Management system can power your staff’s access to both the office and on to the company’s computer network. Using an ID card or biometric scan, staff can authenticate their access.

Biometrics ensures a high level of security and proves someone is who they say they are. Attendance at work can be seamlessly tracked by running reports from the ID Management system – great for fire drills and other admin reasons.


Cashless catering

BioStore has a wealth of experience in supplying cashless catering solutions. There are a number of advantages to switching your workplace to a cashless environment – especially for the canteen.

Staffs’ canteen experience is streamlined and queues busted when till issues are eradicated. The kitchen itself can better analyse and control its stock with BioStore’s cashless catering system, with pre-orders and reporting helping your catering solution stay on top of budget and food waste.

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Secure parking

With a BioStore solution implemented at your workplace, parking could also be authenticated via biometrics or smart card ID. Such a solution would ensure only your staff can take advantage of the secure parking facilities at your workplace.