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Solutions for Secondary Schools

BioStore’s ID management system unifies a vast array of products and services beneficial to a secondary school’s productivity and learning environment


BioStore offers ID management on an even more comprehensive scale at secondary schools. Biometric technology allows for secure, flexible and efficient systems to be integrated with all popular school Management Information Systems.

BioStore’s solutions help secondary schools deliver cashless catering, track attendance, manage the school library, control locker access, determine building access, handle computer logon, assist visitor management or grant printer privileges. BioStore takes all these tasks and solutions, and unifies them under the same ID management and MIS system. Suddenly – what could be very complex – is simple, manageable and flexible to a secondary school’s needs.

Cashless Catering in Secondary Schools

The canteen is one of the most important environments in a secondary school. Lunchtime is important for the personal development of students, and provides them a time to socialise with friends. Students therefore shouldn’t spend half of it in a slow inefficient queue.

Cashless catering for secondary schools improves the school canteen environment, providing online meal pre-payment & ordering to cut queues and speed the whole process. Students are less likely to miss out on a nutritious meal because they didn’t believe the queue was worth the wait. For those students who attended extra curriculum lunchtime activities, the length of queue can be very important.

One of the most significant benefits of a cashless catering system in secondary schools, is for those children who are entitled to FSM (Free School Meal) benefits. They are much more inclined to take advantage of the offering, as sometimes students entitled to receive FSM shun the chance because of the fear of embarrassment or bullying.

Cashless catering hides that system in the background, so FSM students are not singled out. These are the students who could most benefit from a nutritious meal, and therefore the students who can benefit most from cashless catering.

Other applications available for Secondary Schools


IDManagement – Secondary schools can use either biometric authentication or a smart card to activate and manage the various solutions BioStore has to offer. Both students and staff can use this ID management system on all the various applications around the school.


Attendance and Registration – Registration can be completed as students walk through the door using BioStore’s range of access solutions. More time teaching, less time taking registers.


Cashless Catering – Taking cash out of schools and out of the canteen has a number of benefits for secondary schools. Parents can top up pre-paid credit online, ensuring children are using their money for a nutritious school meal. The canteen as a whole operates faster and more efficiently at secondary schools with cashless catering.


Locker Management – BioStore’s ID management can ensure top class security for students’ lockers. Removing keys from the equation alleviates logistical headaches.


Access Control – With BioStore, you can control who has access to where and at what time. An example would be limited access to the Science department’s stores – perhaps only to those teachers and lab technicians with permission.


Visitor Management – Keep track and grant the requisite permissions for visitors at your secondary school.


Library Management – Secondary schools can take advantage of BioStore’s solution to manage the loaning and returning of books with the same ID system used right throughout the rest of the school.


Computer Logon – Link access to computers to the biometrics or smart card used throughout the rest of the secondary school. Combine that with a password and you have a strong secure logon process.


Password Manager – ID terminals with password management stations can be set up at key locations to provide a quick way for students who have forgotten a password to get back up and running. Less hassle for teachers and a hands-off approach for IT staff.


Print & Copy Management – Grant permission to print based on identity, and keep track of who has printed what and when.


Card Management, Design & Print – BioStore provides a complete range of features and functions to produce, manage and maintain all smart cards across a site, linking to all the systems for a single point of administration. Should a student lose their card, replacing it is an easy task with BioStore.