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Solutions for Primary Schools

BioStore’s solutions resolve attendance issues and delivers top of the range cashless catering management


BioStore has had great success in primary schools. Our FasTrak proposition has helped many schools manage their attendance and catering systems all in one.

Since 2005, BioStore has built up a wealth of experience supplying primary schools with various solutions – all unified under one system. Our flexibility and ease of integration with existing MIS (Management Information Systems) means BioStore is top of the class.

Ensuring healthy meals and attendance are managed effectively

Running an efficient kitchen and canteen is one of the biggest challenges primary schools face. Children’s lunchtime and breaks can be just as important to their personal development as what goes on in the classroom.

Canteens are an opportunity to provide and educate a culture of healthy living and eating. But lunchtimes are also invaluable for developing social and personal skills – children should not spend half of it waiting in line.

Recording attendance is also a daily task that could benefit from being streamlined in primary schools. Keeping track of student attendance and whereabouts is naturally of paramount importance.

Primary school catering

BioStore delivers a solution to meet the demands of today’s Primary Schools

BioStore’s FasTrak solution tackles both of these problems at once. With an attendance system, children simultaneously choose the school meal they would like that day. This takes advantage of interactive whiteboard technology used in most schools.

The benefits of taking childrens’ orders for school meals while monitoring attendance are multiple. Firstly, the kitchen is far better prepared. They can operate with less waste and prepare more efficiently. Secondly, the FasTrak system allows for the whole system to be cashless. Parents can pay for their child’s meal online beforehand. When everything is pre-paid for, the canteen can operate faster.

Furthermore those children at primary schools who are entitled to UIFSM (Universal Infant Free School Meals) are handled on the same system seamlessly. The same goes for older children who are entitled to FSM (Free School Meals) too.

Even better – the cashless aspect hides from the child’s peers that their school meal is free. Any embarrassment or stigma from receiving free school meals is eradicated. Instead, the child receives the all important nutritious meal they need.


  • Less queuing. More nutrition. More exercise.
  • Accurate reporting and record of FSM and UIFSM take up
  • Less admin, less time taking registers. More teaching
  • FSM with no stigma
  • Easy and simple software integration with MIS

Applicable Solutions


Cashless Catering – Speed up the dining experience at your school with BioStore’s cashless catering system. With Biostore, pupils’ parents can pre-order and pre-pay for meals online. This helps reduce waste in the kitchen, and gets children the nutritious meals they need quickly.


Attendance – Quick and simple attendance for primary schools that links with all existing MIS. Furthermore, combine attendance with lunch-time pre-ordering – so the kitchen can be completely prepared.


FasTrak’s extensive range of facilities include interactive whiteboards for in-class ordering, premium brand touch screen tills, online payment processing, as well as extensive reporting with product and menu management.

With schools having more and more systems to look after, new methods of dinner money & school meal management are needed. FasTrak synchronizes with BioStore’s powerful Identity Management platform to populate your school’s cashless catering system.