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Solutions for Colleges

BioStore’s ID Management solutions allow colleges to keep track of registration and attendance of their 6th form students


A number of BioStore’s products and services can contribute to the smooth running of a college. Our systems are simple, easy to use and allow the focus for teachers and students to return to education – not waiting in line, bureaucracy or keeping tabs on student movement.

Locker management, computer access, the library and much more can all be handled by BioStore, allowing for all these systems to be unified under one system. Five different solutions does not mean five different identifications, passwords or management systems. BioStore securely rolls it all into one.

Keeping Track of Attendance

The students at a college or in a 6th form are fast approaching adulthood. And with that comes greater independence and freedom. It’s a much harder challenge to keep track of attendance for colleges when students are coming and going freely on to the premises.

BioStore’s ID Management system can therefore be an excellent tool in tackling this problem. Students can sign in or out at a number of ID points around the site using either a smart card or biometrics. With biometrics, there is no possibility for students to lose or forget their identification.

BioStore can provide a flexible registration and attendance solution ideally suited for a 6th form or college student body.


Applicable Solutions


IDManagement – Colleges can take advantage of numerous solutions provided by BioStore. One ubiquitous IDManagement system helps keep the experience simple and unified.


Password Manager – In the case of a student forgetting a password, BioStore’s ID terminals can be equipped to quickly deal with the problem. The student can manage it with little hassle and without assistance from IT staff.


Cashless Catering – Keep your catering speedy and efficient with a cashless system. Students can top-up an account online or utilise cash loaders on site. Keeping the college cash free helps keep students on site.


Attendance and Registration – Keeping track of 6th form or college students is a different prospect altogether. A flexible registration and attendance solution helps keep track of an equally flexible student body.


Access Control – Like any institution, at a college, there are certain times where access to certain areas needs to be limited. BioStore can help colleges manage and adjust these restrictions simply and quickly.


Visitor Management – When visitors come to the college, you can quickly and easily get them set up and fully functional with any systems implemented on the premises.


Library Management – Use biometrics to manage the college library. Book checking in and out is fast, simple and secure.


Computer Logon – Add an extra level of security to the computer profiles at your college. Instead of merely using a password – combine that with the security of biometric authentication.


Locker Management – If you have lockers at your college – BioStore offer an ideal solution. You can do away with losable keys or forgettable combinations – no student can forget their fingerprint.


Print & Copy Management – Limit and control printer activity with BioStore. Students and staff use their identification to approve usage of the printer.


Card Management, Design & Print – It’s easy with BioStore to print new smart cards for your IDManagement system. BioStore provides a complete range of features and functions to produce, manage and maintain all smart cards across a site, linking to all the systems for a single point of administration.