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Business Catering

BioStore’s FasTrak Cashless Catering system delivers a speedy and secure system that integrates seamlessly into any Management Information System. Make your catering attractive to employees.

Cashless catering business

Installing Business Cashless Catering at your workplace will streamline the office canteen; delivering a more effective and efficient service to all staff. Staff can collect their food from the office canteen, simply by using a biometric authentication or ID smart cards. The payment is withdrawn from a user account that can be topped up using bank cards or PayPoint. Top ups can be done online, at on-site kiosks, mobile app or PayPoint.

BioStore’s Business Cashless Catering supports pre-orders of meals and grab bags. It’s flexible and uses the authentication method best suited for each client. It can be integrated into an organisation’s Management Information System and vending machines. And it can help the kitchen staff run a smoother more efficient operation.

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  • Operate a cash-free organisation
  • More efficient workplace canteen
  • Complete control of menu – display price with and without VAT
  • Reduce administration and paperwork
  • Tracking and auditing helps plan canteen budget
  • Pre-order system to ensure satisfied workers and minimum waste

Streamline the office canteen; delivering a more effective and efficient service to all staff