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BioStore is a centralised Identity Management System that seamlessly connects to multiple applications allowing a single card or biometric to be used, providing integrated security across a number of solutions.



In the education sector, BioStore offers a range of solutions for primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and universities. BioStore’s products help address the logistical and management challenges these institutions face.

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From simply granting access to your office building, to powering your staff catering, there are a number of day-to-day operations that BioStore can help power in your organisation.

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BioStore understands patient confidentiality is of paramount importance in healthcare. We can provide the technology to ensure patient data is securely protected and only accessed by those with the authority to do so.

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With BioStore, you can offer your customers one ID to achieve a range of tasks. Whether it is access to a hotel room, the gym or the par 3 course, BioStore can provide a simple and appealing way for customers to interact.

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