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How Identity Management Creates an Office that Capitalises on the Workforce of Today and the Future

November 23, 2018

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“Millennials now make up the biggest part of the workforce today. If organisations want to attract, and perhaps more importantly, retain the best talent; they need solutions for the workplace that appeal to the sensibilities and desires of those millennials. Identity management is one avenue for creating that workplace.”

BioStore presents its full white paper on millennials, identity management and the workplace of today. You can read the full report now for free, with no registration required.

The workplace of today has changed. Millennials make up the biggest percentage of the workforce. As such, the demands of the workforce have changed too. From a desire for greater collaboration, to work/life balance and security, what organisations should prioritise for their employees has changed.

This white paper explores how identity management can be a tool for organisation looking to cater for those needs present in the workforce of today.

The Report covers:

  • The changing workforce of today. The makeup and desires of office workers has changed and adapt – in what ways?
  • The desire for flexibility, balanced with the need for responsibility and oversight. Keep productivity high while changing the office culture.
  • How to deliver security, convenience and collaborative technology through identity management solutions – perfect for the workforce of today.
  • Catering for millennials – literally. Can a good lunch service help make the difference?
  • Is it worthwhile? Are happy workers better workers?

BioStore are UK business among the lead suppliers of identity management technologies. With over 3,000,00 users of our solutions every day, we know how to make solutions that keep organisations running smoothly. Find out more here about the impact we can make on your office.

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