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BioStore Brings Advanced Biometrics to Foyle College

February 2, 2018

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Fingerprint payments and biometric registration included in state-of-the-art solution. Derry/Londonderry’s new college integrates new technology into systems for staff, students and parents.


Foyle College in Derry/Londonderry will be a stunning new Northern Ireland flagship for BioStore’s biometric technology. Delivered in partnership with Capita Managed IT Solutions and C2K, BioStore has integrated biometric technology into the heart of the college’s systems to make life easier for staff, students and parents.

Biometric systems will underpin the electronic registration system and drive a cashless catering solution that will enable students to order food in advance, make payments and manage their accounts with a simple scan of their fingerprint.

Using BioStore’s ID Manager solution, staff will be able to monitor attendance and registration, accurately account for all students on site in any emergency, and deliver a simple to use and efficient cashless catering system.

Each morning, using BioStore’s FasTrak cashless catering system, students will be able to pre-order sandwiches or lunch to pick up and go from the dining hub. A fingerprint scan will be all that is required to place, collect and pay for an order.

Capita’s quick and convenient SIMS Agora online payment system will underpin the financial transactions. Parents will be able to top-up accounts online in order to pay for school meals, special trips and other equipment. Capita’s secure system eliminates the need for cash or cheques to be collected on site.

Patrick Allen, Principle at Foyle College said:

“Working with BioStore and Capita has been a fantastic experience. We’ve had the benefit of calling on expertise from two companies at the cutting edge of education technology who have shown themselves to be great problem solvers who understand the needs of the school.

“Over the last three years, watching as the school began to take shape, I have become increasingly excited by its potential,” he added. “Now, seeing the students and teachers in their new surroundings, at home with the new technology, and enjoying the benefits of the investment, I am full of pride for what we have collectively achieved.”

BioStore Managing Director Nigel Walker said:

“Foyle College was a very significant project for BioStore. It’s our first in Northern Ireland, and it’s at a school with a proud 400-year history serving the community of Derry/Londonderry. It is a school of great historical significance and with our partners Capita we are delighted to have written a new chapter in its history. Foyle College is now a flagship school in Northern Ireland for the benefits and potential of biometric technology.”

Notes to Editors

About BioStore

BioStore is amongst the leading suppliers of IT solutions into the education market. Our customer base includes more than 3,000 schools with over 3 million users every day. BioStore’s FasTrak Primary & Secondary School solutions provide an extensive range of facilities, including interactive whiteboards for in-class ordering, premium brand touchscreen tills, uniquely designed cash loaders, online payment processing, as well as extensive reporting with product and menu management. Each solution easily integrates with the school’s Management Information System (MIS), allowing multiple applications to synchronise with FasTrak to ensure a seamless experience when using the school’s cashless catering system.

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