Why Your Office Needs a Biometric Printing Solution

November 14, 2017

Incorporating fingerprint biometrics in to your office printing solution is an amazing way to bring your office printing solution into the 21st century. It’s a solution that is simple to integrate and incredibly easy to use – but improves office printing massively. Printing becomes more secure, less wasteful and extremely convenient for employees.


Follow-me solutions

A follow-me printing solution is vital for printing to stay relevant and useful. What it means is print jobs can be pulled from convenient locations at convenient times. You don’t have to collect your print job as soon as you order it – instead you can authorise your print at a time and location easiest for you.

If your workplace has multiple printers to choose from, it’s a convenient solution as you can go and use the printer closest to you, or perhaps a printer you know you are going to pass by later in the day on route elsewhere.

For workplaces that are limited on the number of printers they have, follow-me printing is very useful because it helps avoid clutter. If multiple printing jobs are sent to the same machine at once, the print tray can become full and confusing. Follow-me printing helps keep printing jobs convenient and clear.

Confidentiality and control

Here at BioStore, we allow organisations to authorise their follow-me printing solution using a fingerprint biometric authentication. Not only is it incredibly convenient way as you can never forget or lose your fingerprint – it also ensures security.

Sometimes the document you want to print could have sensitive information, that is not for all employees’ eyes. A fingerprint authentication for print helps maintain document confidentiality.

A follow-me print solution can help organisations implement any controls or limits they want on printing. A limit on the number of daily prints could be assigned, or in a University setting, payments for printing jobs could be authorised using the fingerprint authentication.

BioStore’s Printing Solution

Printing is just one application that can be integrated into a workplace that uses BioStore’s Identity Management solution. Across a workplace, the same fingerprint biometric authentication can be used to create an amazingly unified solution for employees. Find out more here about a biometric follow-me printing solution.

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