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Why Use IAM Technology?

December 13, 2018

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IAM technology can help make your organisation safe and simple to use at the same time. By IAM technology, we mean identity access management technology. Organisations that take advantage of a secure identity can offer solutions that are unified and seamless.

Why Use IAM Technology

IAM technology provides security and convenience

IAM technology can make getting around an organisation fluid and safe at the same time when one central database is used. With BioStore, we let organisations use any combination of passwords, PINs, smartcards or fingerprint biometrics as a means of identifying people. We let organisations use whatever works best for them and the people using the system.

The key is then to utilise that identification in as many different scenarios as possible, so that the same one identity authentication is used repeatedly. This keeps things simple, ensuring people don’t have to remember unique and different authentications for different services within an organisation. It could be what grants them access to a building, to computers, to printing services, lockers and potentially cashless payments for catering.

The next benefit is the security it can provide. Biometrics in particular ensure the person authenticating themselves is for sure who they say they are. If two or more authentications are used in tandem, you really ensure security as well.

Where can you use IAM technology?

IAM technology makes sense in a number of scenarios for a number or different kinds of organisations. In the commercial and business world, they can be a great way to make employees working day smooth, simple and reliable. The one authentication is all employees need to access a range of applications.

It’s equally as powerful an approach to education, proving helpful in making the school day more efficient for both students and staff. Students can register attendance with nothing more than the scan of a fingerprint potentially.

Any industry really could benefit from IAM technology, whether it be healthcare, leisure centres, etc. Wherever there is a desire for secure solutions that don’t get in the way of convenience, IAM can step in to help. Find out more.

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