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Why use Biometrics in Attendance Solutions?

February 29, 2016

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Your alarm didn’t go off, someone finished the last of the milk, and all the hot water was used up. The traffic was a nightmare too, but you’ve made it and now all you have to do to enter the building is to scan your smart card which is… on the kitchen table at home.


We have all had those mornings where nothing goes right, and the last straw is that when you finally make it to work, school, gym, or wherever, and you’ve forgotten what you need to get in. That’s why we love biometrics here at BioStore. You might be one of those super-organised morning people, and not quite so big a walking disaster pre 11am as yours truly, but we’ve all forgotten a key, password or smartcard at some point. With a biometric solution, you simply cannot lose or forgot your authentication – it’s always right at hand. Wherever you might be going, if it’s to somewhere with a biometric solution, life gets that little bit easier.


Of course, schools can use smart cards to monitor attendance to classes. It’s a great solution to quicken registration time and monitor accurately who is on site. Classes can start their lessons sooner and – in the case of emergency – registration has been recorded reliably.

But if anyone can be relied upon to lose a smartcard, it’s the growing teenager with multiple activities on the go and places to be. Schools spend hundreds of pounds every year on replacing smartcards that are either lost, stolen or made unusable. A biometric solution removes that cost from schools and gives them an authentication system that can’t be cheated or loaned to somebody else by a student.


Biometrics are just as useful for registering attendance of university students too. It’s reliable and accurate, and nobody can fool the system. When students have to turn up for a lecture or else run the risk of losing credits in their final mark, valuable teaching time is not lost while lecturers take the register of a 50+ lecture theatre. Attendance is simply registered as students enter the lecture hall.


In the work place, biometric sign-in and sign-out of the office is a secure and reliable way of tracking work hours. In jobs that are paid by the hour, such a system can be invaluable to both employers and employees to ensure the correct hours, and wages due, are recorded accurately.

Plus, biometrics can be used as a means of secure access control for the office too. Only authorised personnel can enter rooms, building and areas, ensuring the security of the working environment.


Biometrics can provide easy access for members at a gym also. It could even only allow them to access an area at a designated time slot as well – say on to a booked squash court. Additionally, gym members could use the same biometric solution to access their locker. Biometric lockers are easily reassignable, and would provide a solution free of easy to forget or lost keys.

Added benefits

Attendance in all these scenarios is just the start. BioStore’s central secure Identity Management solutions can achieve an awful lot more, all using the same biometric authentication. Biometrics can be integrated into cashless services such as catering, lockers or vending machines. They can be used to authorise printing jobs in an office or educational environment. They could be used anywhere on-site, anytime, whenever a secure means of identification of a user is required. And of course, a BioStore solution has the capabilities of bringing numerous services and products all under one umbrella. It’s a system that is easy to manage and equally easy to use.


BioStore strives to use biometrics to create convenient and time-saving experiences, but our solutions are also about improving security. With biometrics, you can be sure that users are who they say they are – they can’t borrow or use someone else’s password or smartcard.

The way we store biometric fingerprints is completely secure and safe as well, and of course, that is one of our top priorities. In fact, the BioStore system does not actually store any images of users’ fingerprints; instead, when a user registers on an organisation’s system, it creates what we call a template fingerprint signature. Some 40-60 minutia points (the location and direction where fingerprint ridges split or end) are recorded and rest of the image thrown away. The recorded data is then encrypted into a string of numbers.

If someone managed to get their hands on the biometric data that an organisation stores on its BioStore system, they could not recreate an image of the original fingerprint. What they find would be useless and unusable. They would also have a hard time getting their hands on the data in the first place, as BioStore takes no chances when it comes to security. Data Security is a speciality of ours.

We really believe in the power of biometric solutions. Used in the right way, for more than just attendance, biometrics provide solutions for organisations that make life easier and more secure, both for the users and the managers of those systems. It’s a hands on approach to security – what’s not to like?

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