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Why Switch to a Digital Visitor Sign in Sheet?

April 5, 2018

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Switching to a digital visitor sign in sheet can help make your guests experience smoother and easier, while increasing security and efficiency for you. Whether you’re a school or business, good visitor management shouldn’t be overlooked.

Why Switch to a Digital Visitor Sign in Sheet

Moving to a digital visitor sign in sheet?

A digital visitor sign in sheet has many advantages over the traditional physical paper alternative both for you and your guests.

A physical ledger can easily be lost and become cumbersome to store and file. If the ledger is misplaced, potentially important records are lost and unrecoverable. Beyond that, they can be quite inaccurate and time consuming for staff to maintain. And then there’s the issues of handwriting and name misspellings. Keeping track of visitors by paper overall is a hassle and inefficient.

And it can be a bit of a hassle for your guests too, perhaps having to wait around reception, waiting to be seen and signed-in.

Whereas, when you move to a digital sign in sheet, you gain a great deal of efficiency and reliability advantages. Particularly if you use a self-sign in systems, you can speed up the process for both staff and visitors. There’s no bad hand writing to decipher and no awkward misspelling of names either.

Repeat visitors can quickly sign in and get up and running too. And a digital system is much better for making a secure and searchable record of visitors in and out of your organisation or school, which could prove to be vital in the case of a fire emergency or other incidents.

BioStore’s approach to a digital visitor sign in sheet

BioStore’s digital visitor sign in sheet uses a self-service kiosk. The touch-screen kiosk allows guests to quickly set-up their visit in the school, office or workplace. They can input their appointment and departure times as well as contact information. The kiosk can also take a picture to then deliver a printed badge for visitor identification.

A staff member will then complete the sign in for security, but the admin time of a guest arrival is greatly reduced. BioStore’s system then gives staff all the oversight and data they could need about visitors. The database tracks repeat visitors, sign in and sign out times, and provides snapshots of visitors on site at any given time.

With BioStore, it’s also easy to quickly integrate visitors into your Identity Management solutions so that they can use the same services on site that your regular staff uses. Take cashless catering for example, a temporary visitor account can easily be set-up that the visitors top-up at a kiosk. Any funds then not spent are refunded to their account once they sign out. You could also grant them access to certain locations with a temporary smartcard, grant printing tokens, and more.

With BioStore’s Visitor Management – you have complete control and oversight of the visitors to your workplace or school.

BioStore Visitor Management

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