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Why School Libraries Should go Biometric

July 16, 2019

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A biometric school library is an approach that can breathe new life into book borrowing. It makes the management of library service far easier, and the process of taking out and returning books incredibly simple and convenient.

Why School Libraries Should go Biometric

Increasing school library use

Biometric school libraries could be important for the future of libraries across the UK in the long run. Recent evidence has shown that the use of libraries in the UK is plummeting compared to other nations like the US.

In the ten-year span between 2006 to 2016, the level of book borrowing per person in the UK dropped 46 per cent. Last year, per person, only 2.8 books were loaned each year in the UK. Now there are a lot of theories why the UK’s public libraries are dropping in popularity, but surely encouraging and showing young people their value would be a good way to start tackling the problem.

With the adoption of biometrics, schools could start showing young people libraries’ value. With an identity management solution already in place, it would let students borrow and return books with nothing more than their fingerprint. The same fingerprint they use to record their attendance, pay for catering and authenticate other applications. BioStore’s system also accommodates smartcards and passwords, but biometrics provide the best balance between security and convenience.

Easy admin with biometrics

The admin side is far easier for library staff when adopting a biometric school library solution. The tracking of book loans is simple, automated and incredibly reliable. When biometrics are used, there are no cards to replace or passwords to reset. And if the school is already using biometric for other solutions, enrolment into the system is complete with ease.

If schools can make their library easy-to-use, attractive environments and valuable to students, it could help increase the use of libraries. Currently libraries seem to be losing their relevance and audience. The high success of libraries in the US and even Australia shows libraries can still have a place in the modern world. We just need to help future generations see that.

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