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Why Organisations use Biometric Fingerprint Attendance Systems

May 29, 2018

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Organisations are turning to biometric fingerprint attendance systems for time attendance more and more so they can securely and reliably monitor their employees’ attendance. Whether that’s ensuring they arrive on time or monitoring if they are turning up for work at all.


Biometric fingerprint attendance systems for lateness

Biometric fingerprint attendance systems could help employers monitor the arrival time of their employees. And if a recent survey of American office workers by CareerBuilder is anything to go by, more organisations could do with such monitoring. It found in its survey that 25 per cent of workers admitted to being late to work at least once a month, and 12 per cent once a week. The excuses ranged from the mundane, like ‘I slept through my alarm’, to the ridiculous, like ‘my coffee was too hot, and I couldn’t leave until it cooled off.’

The survey found that 60 per cent of employers expected employees to be on time every single day and 43 per cent had fired someone on the grounds of lateness.

A biometric system would work in employers and employees favour, providing a time attendance system that is 100 per cent reliable and impervious to fraud. The times recorded with a biometric can’t be argued with – ensuring both sides have the facts regarding attendance.

Tackling absentees with biometric fingerprint attendance systems

It’s been reported that the Ugandan Government is trailing biometric fingerprint attendance systems to tackle more than just tardiness. It’s actually using the system to catch out absentee workers of governmental services. The Government was receiving complaints from citizens about absentee workers at government services, like healthcare.

As such, the Government is moving away from salaries for such workers and paying by the hour. It needs a secure and reliable time attendance solution in order to switch to that model, hence the use of biometric fingerprints for sign-in and sign-out.

BioStore’s biometric fingerprint attendance systems

BioStore’s biometric fingerprint attendance systems go beyond just being a way to register time attendance. With our system, you can use fingerprints for so much more. For example, the fingerprint could be the way to gain access to the office. That ensures security of the building, while registering attendance. The same biometric could be used for print management and also for a cashless catering solution in the office’s canteen too.

Don’t make biometric just a way to keep tabs on your employees, use it as a way to make their day-to-day working life convenient, secure and simple.

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