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Why Organisations use Biometric Authentication Methods

June 6, 2019

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Biometric authentication methods are becoming a bigger and bigger part of our personal lives on a daily basis. Many of us use them hourly, to log-on to our phones, and many use them to log into banking apps and authenticate financial payments. It’s no surprise to see more organisations bringing biometrics in to peoples’ working lives too.

Why Organisations use Biometric Authentication Methods

What’s the plus side of biometric authentication methods?

Biometric authentication methods, whether it be fingerprint, facial recognition, voice control or any of the other emerging technologies are an enticing and exciting prospect for authenticating identity. They use things that uniquely identify us. To prove we are who we say we are, all we have to do, is be ourselves. It’s a powerful approach to security that will never have its convenience bested.

For organisations, the enhanced security makes biometrics a compelling identity solution to integrate into our working lives. You can ensure only approved individuals can gain access to your premises and other internal services. Biometrics are adding an extra level of security without adding hassle.

Why we opt for fingerprints?

Of all the biometric authentication methods, here at BioStore, we implement fingerprint biometrics. With the touch of a finger, employees can gain access to the office, pay for food and drinks at the canteen, log-on to their computer and much more.

We opt for fingerprint biometrics as we implement them with a great deal of accuracy, with security at the centre. Our template system uses a limited amount of data and stores it using the best encryption technology available. It’s a low risk system that does not compromise employee’s privacy in any way – learn more about fingerprint biometrics here.

Regardless, fingerprint authentication remains the most convenient biometric method. Fingerprint technology is the most trialled and tested biometric method on the market today. BioStore alone has been using them for 15 years with millions of users authenticating themselves daily.

If you want to improve security at your organisation throughout the workplace applications, biometric authentication is the way to add an extra layer without adding a burden to employees. Find out more here.

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