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Why MFA Solutions are Needed More than Ever

February 19, 2019

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MFA solutions (Multi-factor authentication solutions) are the way to go to ensure security in your organisation. Put simply, passwords on their own are not enough. Time and time again we see they are the weak point in which hacks target.

Why MFA Solutions are Needed More than Ever

MFA solutions need shown

MFA solutions are needed because passwords just can’t do the job anymore. Take for example, the latest addition to Google Chrome. The tech giant this month released an extension to Chrome that alerts users to compromised passwords.

There are so many leaked credentials out there on the web, shared by hackers and ne’er-do-wells. Your password could well be among them. Hackers scour these databases, which often detail email addresses too, searching for accounts to hack. If you’re using the same password across accounts, it can be particularly damaging if your password is out there.

Google’s new password check add-on for Chrome will tell you when a password you enter is one of the many compromised. It compares an encrypted version of your password with an encrypted database to search for matches. This encrypted approach keeps your privacy protected. The database is four billion passwords strong, so fairly comprehensive. Goggle will alert you if your password is compromised so you know to change it. Be sure to change your password on any other sites you may have used the same password on too.

Improving security with MFA solutions

MFA solutions can be a strong answer to this problem. The number of leaked passwords show that alone they are not enough. We all have too many passwords to remember to realistically manage them with perfect security. Adding a second authentication is vital. Online that can be a one-time passcode, perhaps a phone number. It usually involves a second device.

Here at BioStore, we let organisations add a second authentication to their internal solutions. Access to the office, log-in to computers or collecting of cashless catering could use any combination of passwords, PINs, smartcards or biometrics to create very strong MFA solutions within an office. If biometrics are one of the authentication methods, security is kept particularly strong. No one can steal and use your biometric like they might a password or smartcard.

On the online world, and in the office, MFA solutions can be the answer we are looking for. They make operations stronger and safer. Whether you’re logging into Facebook, or your work place computer, a password alone is not good enough.

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