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Why Good Attendance and Registration Benefits Employee and Employer

November 6, 2017

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The most fundamental part of doing a good job is simply showing up. For employees and employers, attendance and registration are something that when done properly, benefits them both on a day to day basis in a working environment.


Worker’s Convenience

Employees first and foremost want a simple way of tracking their day to day attendance at work. The simplest reason for that, is employees want to be paid properly for the hours they put in. An attendance system that automatically records attendance as access is granted to work is ideal. In that way, registering attendance is achieved simply by gaining access to work – employees don’t even have to think about it.

They have to think even less if you give them a secure biometric entrance to the building. A biometric means they can never forget their password or smartcard in the car, or worse, at home.

Employee Security

For employers, good attendance and registration is equally vital. While the main benefit can be convenience for employees, employers can ensure a high level of security. They of course benefit from biometrics and the reliable tracking of working hours too – mischievous employees can’t hoodwink the system and track their attendance when they are really not there by lending a colleague a smartcard or telling them their password.

Nevertheless, the main benefit of a biometric solution for an employer is that it ensures secure access to an organisation’s premises. Only approved and authorised individuals can get in. Biometrics do more than just provide secure access, but are a reliable tracking tool for health and safety purposes too. In an emergency, like a fire, organisations have a clear database of who and who isn’t on-site at any one time.

BioStore Solutions

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BioStore: Attendance and Registration

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