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Why Biometrics Are Overtaking Passwords

July 6, 2016

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Passwords are not working for users; and passwords are not working for organisations. So the obvious question is: Who ARE they working well for? And the answer: pretty much nobody anymore. As such, alternative solutions such as biometrics and two-factor authentication are continuing to grow in popularity. They are providing the security and convenience that passwords can simply no longer offer.


And our survey says…

A recent survey by Gigya of 4000 people from the UK and USA demonstrated this growing trend. In its survey of consumers across all age groups, Gigya found that the majority, 52 per cent, said they would now prefer biometrics and modern authentication methods over passwords. Breaking those numbers down further, 29 per cent said they preferred using two-factor authentication and a further 20 per cent preferred biometrics.

Of those that indicated a preference away from passwords, an overwhelming 80 per cent said they believed biometric authentication is more secure than traditional passwords and usernames. It’s these security benefits that would appear to be drawing people towards biometrics. Convenience is obviously a large factor too, especially when you consider the problems that passwords are now causing users.

Password problems

Password best practice has become almost impossible to follow in today’s digital age. Just keeping track of the number of accounts we have on various sites is hard enough, let alone remembering a unique password for all of them. Only 16 per cent of respondents to the survey said they follow best practice with passwords, using a unique one on every account. The use of seven or fewer different passwords was most common – with 63 per cent indicating that approach.

Passwords have had to become so complex to ensure security, that their usability has become compromised. In the survey, 63 per cent said they have abandoned making accounts on sites that ask for a password that is too complicated to ever remember.

It’s no surprise that biometrics and two-factor authentication are on the rise. Organisations need solutions that can both ensure the safety of the users but also allow easy access. Passwords have reached the point where they are turning customers away, rather than welcoming them. In turn therefore, it’s also hardly surprising that the global mobile biometrics market is predicted to expand at a compound average growth rate of 103% between now and 2020.

Biometrics and multi-factor authentication solutions are fundamental to our principles here at BioStore. We offer them in all our solutions for schools and businesses. Find out more here about how biometrics can transform the convenience and security of your organisation.

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