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What Are the Most Annoying Workplace Food Habits?

July 23, 2019

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We all want to get along with our colleagues. In an ideal world that would be easy. But there are a couple of workplace food habits that makes that difficult. What habits do you hate about your co-workers?

What Are the Most Annoying Workplace Food Habits?

Worst workplace food habit?

A survey of 2000 workers by 4com discovered that the workplace food habit of eating smelly food was number one. The classic office bug-bear still comes out on top. Clearly, of all our senses, our sense of smell is the one we least like to have assaulted.

Some 39 per cent of the respondents listed it as a pet peeve, but other food related issues came near the top of the list too. Namely, people eating other people’s food out of the office fridge. That would be my personal number one.

The other pet peeves that made up the top 5 included eating out loud, speaking loudly and whistling/singing. Are you guilty of any of these practices and what would you do if confronted with them in the office?

The study found that only 37 per cent of workers would confront their colleagues face-to-face.

Creating a harmonious workplace

Workplace food habits come out on top as the biggest causes of office grievances, so how can that issue best be tackled? The majority of issues come from people eating at their desk while others are working. If you can discourage that behavior, you can nip the issues in the bud.

Office catering is one way to do that. You need a an attractive and useful canteen, so employees actually want to use it. One way to help ensure that, is to employ cashless catering, creating a simple and speedy service. People eat at their desk because they don’t feel they have time to go out for lunch. A cashless catering system can be the answer.

There is a lot of evidence indicating that people’s mental health and productivity levels depend on taking a proper break away from their desk. If you get employees using office catering, rather than eating at their desk, you can eliminate a number of the most common office pet peeves, and help foster more collaborative and productive office environments.


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