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Brits Trust Banks with Biometrics

September 28, 2016

Who do you trust the most – your bank or the Government? Well according to a new survey from Visa, British consumers are more likely to put their faith in their Bank than their Government when it comes to the use of bio...

What’s The Best Way to do Secure Visitor Management?

September 6, 2016

Visitor Management is an aspect of security that cannot be overlooked. For either schools or businesses, visitor management is a vital component of the overall security of physical premises. But what’s the right, and most efficient, way to do it? Poor...

Visitor Management with BioStore

September 3, 2015

Make visitor management simple and secure with BioStore. In both education and business, adept visitor management systems can be vitally important. In the education sector, the safety of students is a top priority. Visitor Management can contribute to a safe and secure educational site. Equally, businesses need to...

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