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Visitor Management System Features that Remove Disruption

May 16, 2019

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What visitor management systems features do you have in your current solution? Are there any issues when visitors come onto your premises? You need solutions that are secure first and foremost, but the last thing you want is visitors to cause a hassle for your employees or have a hassle-filled experience themselves.

Visitor Management System Features that Remove Disruption

Secure visitor management system features

Visitor management system features need to put security first. And that’s security for your employees and the visitor themselves. BioStore’s visitor management system works by temporarily integrating visitors into your identity management system. They get a smartcard that can be used to let them access all the services and applications in your office. You are of course in complete control of the permissions and rights on that smartcard. You can allow the card to only grant access to certain areas being the prime example of how security is ensured.

Additionally, you can keep track of where that visitor is on your site at all times by transactions recorded on their temporary smartcard. In the case of an emergency, the visitor’s safety is ensured too. You have a record of whether they are on or off site.

Don’t break the flow

Safety is number one for visitor management system features, but what organisations most benefit from when all is going well, is the increased convenience. BioStore’s system works by temporarily allowing visitors to use the identity management system already in place. Visitors can get around just as easily as your employees. They even have the option to upload funds to a temporary catering account, to use in-house cashless catering facilities. Any unspent funds are simply refunded on sign-out.

BioStore’s system allows for little disruption right from the start of the visitor management process. Staff don’t have to spend time setting visitors up, they do it at a self-sign-in kiosk as they arrive. It just needs a quick confirmation and overview from reception staff, rather than a long drawn out process.

What you end up with is a visitor management system that is convenient for both the visitors themselves and your staff. Visitors don’t need to be babysat throughout their visit.

Find out more about making visitor management incredibly easy in your organisation here.

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