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What do You Want from Vending Machine Solutions?

July 12, 2018

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Vending machine solutions? They are about getting fast-foods or snacks with the loose change in your pocket, right? Well, not necessarily anymore, all over the world, vending machines are being re-purposed, expanded and altered. Here at BioStore, we let you bring some of that change to your workplace.

What do You Want from Vending Machine Solutions

Vending machine solutions of the world

One major shift in vending machine solutions we have seen all over the world is an adaptation of what they sell. No longer are they exclusively reserved for crisps, chocolate bars and fizzy drinks. In WijtSchate Belgium we have the latest example of vending machines being used to sell local and organic produce. In this case, it’s potatoes and onions, a staple food of the region.

Vending machine solutions are becoming an increasingly popular way for farmers to sell their produce locally and easily. Vending machines mean produce can be sold all hours of the day at unmanned stations at customers’ convenience. It is organic food delivered at fast food speed.

The other way vending machines are changing is in how they sell and not what they sell. In China for example, new biometric palm reading scanners have started to appear on the scene in Dalian. They are vending machines linked to the Asian commercial giant Ali-pay and biometrics. Customers scan their palm to authorise the payment and collect their purchase. You’ve got to ‘hand’ it to them, it’s a fun high-tech solution.

BioStore’s vending machine solutions for offices

Here at BioStore, our vending machine solutions allow offices to turn their old out-dated vending machines into a useful service for staff again. We let organisations integrate vending machines into their overall identity management solution. So, if an office uses fingerprint biometrics, smartcards or passwords for authorisation for services such as office access, computer log-in or cashless catering, they can use the same authentication for vending machines.

We supply new vending machines with ID scanners or can retro-fit existing ones to work with the new tech. With BioStore, you can quickly and easily refresh your vending machines, making them an enticing and helpful option to staff once again.

Atlas Obscura: Potato Vending Machine

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