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The Return of the Vending Machine Solution

January 29, 2019

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A vending machine solution in the office, at the leisure centre or an airport paint quite an outdated 90’s image in your mind. However, evolutions of vending technology are bringing the solution back into fashion.

The Return of the Vending Machine Solution

A new vending machine solution

Reverse vending machines are the most radical new vending machine solution changing the market place. Instead of putting money in and receiving a bottle of your favourite soda, you now put in your empty plastic bottles and get money back.

The supermarket Iceland is at the forefront of this, setting up such machines across Europe. Customers get 10p in return for every bottle they recycle. It’s estimated customers have received the equivalent of £30,000 back in the limited trials of the technology. Other supermarkets are quickly following suit. The likes of Tesco, Morrisons and the Co-op are all running their own reverse vending machine trials.

This is a major part of what has prompted Global market Insights to predict the vending machine market will grow in the coming years. It predicts the market will cross the $30bn mark by 2024.

BioStore’s vending machine solution

The adoption of new payment technologies is the other factor allowing such strong growth in the vending machine solution market. The report in particular highlights Europe as a region that is adopting new cashless approaches to vending machines. They make vending easier and quicker for customers to use.

That’s exactly what we help offices, schools and any other organisation achieve with their vending machines. We help install entirely new vending machines, or retro-fit existing machines to work with our overall identity management solution. This allows funds to be withdrawn from an online account with the touch of a biometric fingerprint, the scan of a smartcard or the simple entrance of a PIN code.

You can bring the vending machine back into fashion at your organisations with our tech by making them simple and easy to use again. Not as many people have cash and change on them as they used to. We can help you adapt to that and make vending relevant.

The Independent: UK shoppers get £30k in first supermarket trial using reverse vending machines for plastic bottles

BioStore Cashless Vending

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