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UK Workers Guilty of Regular Al-Desko Dining

July 9, 2019

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A new report has shown that al-desko dining is still a popular choice among UK workers. Employees are not taking their full lunch break and instead are eating at their desk to save time – how big of an issue is it and how can it be stopped?

UK Workers Guilty of Regular Al-Desko Dining

The trends and issues with worktime lunch

Al-desko dining is a prevalent trend mainly because people are not taking their full lunch break. The study found that the average lunch break was only 16 minutes. No wonder employees eat at their desk if they are not taking their full hour.

One in 10 said that they eat the same lunch day after day. It’s to keep things simple, cheaper and quicker. By reducing time spend on preparing their lunch, they can concentrate on getting their work done, or run personal errands during their lunch break.

We have all had days where we are pushed for time and simply need to get on with work, but most of us agree, a proper break is physically and mentally good for us. Some 75 per cent of those in the survey agreed taking a break from their desk made them feel better.

The last issues the study exposed was that employees who did get away from their desk felt they couldn’t enjoy the time fully as they spent too much of the time prepping, or queuing to buy their lunch.

How to discourage al-desko dining

Al-desko dining is not good for anyone, with workers recognising that themselves in the study. It can be done healthily, but it’ not easy to prepare meals each day. And it can be required when you just have so much on.

Workers who have a proper mental break, get the fuel and energy they need by stepping away from their desk, might not be at their desk for as long each day – but when they are there – they can be more productive.

The best way to tackle the problem outlined in the report, is by introducing a cashless catering system in an office canteen. If you can create a welcoming and attractive catering environment that promotes socialisation and healthy eating, organisations can be on to a winner.

Most importantly, the cashless aspect keeps things quick and simple for employees. There are far fewer queues when payment is made simple. They know they can get away and back to their desk in a decent amount of time.

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