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Turn a New Page on Library Management

June 28, 2018

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Libraries are keeping old paper books alive, but that doesn’t mean library management has to be done the old way too with pen and paper and the like. How can you make libraries more efficient than ever before with new solutions and techniques?

Turn a New Page on Library Management

Biometric library management

Here at BioStore, we believe biometric library management systems are the solution. An identity management system that uses biometrics to verify people can streamline the entire library experience. Loaning books, returning books and checking loan statuses becomes incredibly simple and reliable.

BioStore support the use of smartcards and passwords for library management systems too, but when organisation adopt biometric identification, they cut down on cost while improving convenience for library users and increasing security for staff and the organisation.

Biometrics mean less production costs of cards, or time wasted replacing passwords. And user can’t ever lose or forget to bring their library authentication with them. It also stops people sharing library cards. The library staff know exactly who has what book and when.

Biometrics allow people to be identified quickly and services to be delivered speedily. Self-check-out kiosks work extremely well with biometric identification solutions.

More than library management

Library management systems like this would be particularly powerful in an educational environment, not least because such a simple system would encourage students to use the library, but because the biometric authentication could and would be used beyond the library’s walls as well.

In a school, the biometric authentication could also be what is used to register attendance, access school lockers, pay for school cashless catering and even log onto school computers.

There is huge potential to make streamlined and unified experience in a school using BioStore’s identity management solution. And when you use biometrics, students love the ease and convenience they provide.

Library management in a school or organisation can be just one component of a powerful organisational wide identity management system. Find out more.

BioStore Library Management

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