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It’s Time Organisations Adopted Cashless Transactions

July 4, 2019

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Cashless transactions are here to stay. In the UK, only 3 in 10 transactions are made with cash – whereas it was as high as 6 in 10 a decade ago. And if you needed more evidence, Hasbro is releasing a cashless version of the classic game all about money: Monopoly.

It’s Time Organisations Adopted Cashless Transactions

Where can cashless transactions be adopted?

Yes, cashless transactions have made it all the way to the world of board games, with ‘Monopoly: Voice Banking’ edition. Clearly the payment method has embedded itself in UK culture. But it’s not just in shops and online that cashless transactions can be used by people.

Cashless transactions at a workplace let employees pay for catering and vending machines using the same authentication they use to access the office. A smartcard, fingerprint biometric or PIN is all employees need to verify their identity.

The same can be done for schools. Students only need the one authentication to register their attendance and receive their school meals. Parents top-up their child’s online account in advance to pay for school related items such as school meals.

The same principle can be applied to hospitals, gyms and other similar organisations. People are keen to use cashless transactions in shops and restaurants – BioStore lets you continue to offer that service similarly inside organisations.

Who benefits?

All parties benefit from cashless transactions. Users can use the same authentication method to make payments and gain access to the organisations physical and digital points. Applications such as printing, copy, lockers, and computer log-in can all be tied to the same authentication method to make access even simpler.

Organisations relieve duties and stress on both kitchen staff and financial teams by going cashless. Catering staff can focus on food service and customer care, instead of cash handling. With no cash counting, reconciliations or cash collecting, financial admin tasks are massively reduced.

With even Monopoly going digital, organisations should keep up with the times and make cashless transactions available to their users now. It’s time to GO!

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