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The Future is Cashless

September 14, 2017

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BioStore’s Nigel Walker recently talked to Technology & Innovation magazine. THE FUTURE IS CASHLESS – so here are some things to bear in mind if your school is still debating making the switch, says Nigel Walker. Click here to read the entire piece.


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“We might have got fancy new translucent five pound notes, and securer-than-ever dodecagon-shaped one pound coins in the last twelve months, but no amount of state-of-the-art currency is going to change the direction in which Britain and much of the world is heading. Cashless solutions are swiftly going to become the norm in most societies.

And as far as UK schools are concerned, the use of cashless catering systems is already very well established. For schools that haven’t adopted such a solution yet, what benefits are they missing out on – and what things do they need to keep in mind when making the switch?”

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